DATA PROTECTION  LAW FIRM is a company specialized in the provision of legal advice and the implementation of the security requirements in the field of personal data protection.

The company’s profile is based on the provision of services related to the legal regime of personal data protection as well as the related legislation to state secrecy, commercial secret, tax secrecy, medical secrecy as well as other information with limited accessibility.

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Our Goal

The services offered by the company aim at: respecting the fundamental right of the individual to privacy and ensuring the legal regime of personal data protection by the controller and data processors.



Police sector

The activity carried out by police and other competent authorities (National Anti-corruption Center, Intelligence and Security Service, General Prosecutor’s Office, Department of Penitentiary Institutions, Ministry of Internal Affairs) on accessing databases, intercepting electronic communications, collecting and using personal data in contravention, criminal or special proceedings, disclosing personal data to public or private authorities including the media

Financial-banking and non-banking sector

The activity carried out by the financial-banking and non-banking institutions, the volume of collected personal data, and the way of using them

Private sector

The activity carried out by the economic agents through the creation and maintenance of databases, the provision of services involving the processing of personal data starting from the employment relationship to the economic activity achieved through raffles, promotions, offers, direct marketing etc.


The work of public and private institutions on managing pupils / students’ information, storing databases, using video cameras and other automated means in relation to data subjects


The activity carried out by the private sector by provision of e-marketing of food and non-food services

Public sector

The activity carried out by public authorities and institutions regarding the establishment, regulation and administration of state information registers, databases and filling systems, interaction with the individual and accomplishment of the tasks and duties with which they are invested
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